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Strong Corrugated Cardboard Wrapping Paper Packing Rolls

Strong Corrugated Cardboard Wrapping Paper Packing Rolls

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Corrugated rolls are designed to wrap around and protect your goods, corrugated rolls are practical, robust, reliable and perfect for customers who consider the environment in their packaging. These rolls are manufactured from 75% naturally sourced recycled paper and have a layer of raised corrugated fluting on one side. Corrugated rolls are manufactured from recycled single faced corrugated paper. These rolls can be recycled once used. Corrugated cardboard helps eliminate movement of contents, and the cushioning it provides helps absorb any trauma that the box or package may encounter during transit. Corrugated rolls can be cut up and shaped to accommodate various sizes. They can be easily cut with scissors and can also wrap around sharp corners or edges without tearing. The paper is supplied on a roll which is easy to access, handle and maintain. The roll can be transported around easily and takes up minimal space in storage.