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Black Protective Plastic Paving Driveways Grid Mats

Black Protective Plastic Paving Driveways Grid Mats

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Measurements:  50 x 50 x 4cm

4 grids make up 1 square meter

24 grids make up 6 square meters

Manufactured from durable materials our black plastic mats are designed to be used on drive ways. The grids provide a stable surface and at the same time provide resistant to heavy loads such as vehicles. Each grid features a cell structure which creates reservoirs for rainwater, which improves irrigation of the ground whilst protecting the grass from rapid drying. Each grid also has a built in anti – migration cell bottom lattice which is designed to prevent downwards gravel movement through vibrations and vehicle traffic. The grids have multiple uses which can be used on many surfaces and environments and have an easy interlocking mechanism. Our grids are suitable to use on garden paths, green land, driveways, floors, drainage systems, car parks and camping sites.