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Strong Manilla Brown Board Backed Envelopes C4 C5

Strong Manilla Brown Board Backed Envelopes C4 C5

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About this item

Board backed envelopes are thick sturdy envelopes designed to protect important documents in the post. They ensure goods do not bend, tear or crease during transit and remain in outstanding condition at all times. Our brown board backed envelopes are manufactured with a strong front paper (120gsm). They include a thick (550gsm) board backing which holds firmly in position. Board Backed envelopes have a flat plain surface. They accept stamps and adhesives.They can also be written on with a Biro pen or a permanent marker. The envelopes are brown in colour and opaque. This means the contents inside the envelope are always kept private, which is an essential requirement when handing important documents. Each envelope is manufactured from strong basket weave recycled paper, with a minimum of 90% post-consumer waste. These envelopes can be reused and recycled.